Paid game once more.

Changing the game to FtP did bring a boost to my visibility and ddl stats, but then fall down to almost 0 once again, thus I ended the free sale today.  I'm sure everyone who wanted to get it for free grab it. 

Get Iveri: The 1.000 Story


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If you decide to try again sometime you'd probably get better results if you only made one game free as an example of your work, those curious can try for free, those who end up liking might buy some of the others. Don't lose hope, new customers are literally born every minute.

Thank you. Yes, I am aware this is not easy. The market is saturated with new games every day and, even when I was selling them on Steam, I wasn't making much plus I was in the red with the dumb idea I had back then. Releasing 1 game every month with almost no budget. I tried one last time with 4 Alice MAG and with a much bigger budget from my own pocket and I don't even know if I'll be able to recoup everything.