A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Very short and linear visual novel-lite. On Ryordant Island, a young virgin must be sacrified to the monster of the sea every 20 years.

Shantalia is the next sacrifice. NSFW version, both in Ren'py and in rpg maker mv. The Ren'py version got a dual language screen. The rpg maker version got a extended ending.

Content Warnings

Tentacles Rape & Sex. In text only. No images.

Also, if you post about it on social media, please use the #Shantalia hashtag. Thanks.

Install instructions

Dezip the folder then click on the .exe


Shantalia and Coralihulu 18 rpg maker.zip 98 MB
ShantaliaCoralihulu18.zip 48 MB

Development log