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4 Alice: Lorange Journey

A Twine interactive fiction about an autistic teenager and a strange house. Two version of the story. · By Mia Blais-Côté


Recent updates

Now everything is free.
All the games and others things are now free to coincide with all the "fanfictions" version completed on Archive of our Own. + sales were really low so there wa...
Paid game once more.
Changing the game to FtP did bring a boost to my visibility and ddl stats, but then fall down to almost 0 once again, thus I ended the free sale today...
Changed to pay what you want
Since I only got 1 sale, and in a bundle, I rather have people plays and download it, thus the game is now PWYW...
Early Winter Sales!
All my indie games are on sale. Bundles are also available...
I had to increase base price, fees eat everything.
I had to increase all ~1$ price to ~2.25$ because the PayPal payment fee per transaction and the payout fee eat everything. For a payout of six orders bundled I...
Upcoming Steam Delisted Text Games
In no particular order, but I’ll do the ones made in Twine first, then with RPG Maker MV, then with Ren’py. The Twine ones only got the Steam Achievements c...
Open to fan translations.
I'm open to fan translations so if you want to see 4 Alice Lorange Journey into your langauge, let me know...
4 Alice: Lorange Journey is out on!
This is a straight Port from the Steam version. The only thing I change is delete a code for the achievements to avoid showing up eyesore error messages. Enjoy...
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