Upcoming Steam Delisted Text Games

In no particular order, but I’ll do the ones made in Twine first, then with RPG Maker MV, then with Ren’py.

The Twine ones only got the Steam Achievements code to be deleted.

The RPG Maker games as well + rebuilding with a more recent version of the engine + updating plugins (?).

The Ren’py games will be the longest to do since I’ll have to rebuild them with a clean project and split the dual language screen between French and English. Also try to re-add the other language translations I had before *if* I’m able to download old builds on Steam via the steam console.  


* 3 Emilie

* A.L.A.N.

* Alan: Rift Breakers

* A.L.A.N.: Rift Breakers

* Adventure or Normality?

* Alice Lorange Adventures Season 1

* Alice Lorange Adventures Season 2

* ChatAid

* ChatAid: Here I go again!

* ChatAid: Princess Lolira (18+)

* Cursed Queen: Wicked Witch

* Dark Fairies

* Divine D.I.V.A.

* Elian, Elisa, ChatAid (18+)

* Entre-Deux

* Entre-Deux: Cursed

* Hack the Core

* Hir Corruption

* Hot Takes (18+)

* Ivanoile ~ Christalixeur Corruption

* Iveri: The 1.000 Story

* Latangerine Last Journey (All Age)

* Latangerine Last Journey (18+)

* Les Quatre Alices

* Les 4 Alice: Lorange Journey

* Mermaid Coralie ~ Love and Madness (18+)

* Our Journeys ~ A Collection of Visual Novels

* Our Journeys 2 ~ A Collection of Visual Novels

* Our Journeys 3 ~ A Collection of Visual Novels

* Red and Blue ~ Cycles of Existence

* Reverse Me! Rez/Ru

* Reverse Me! 2 Rose

* Reverse Moe Pas! Savoie

* Shantalia and Corali’hulu (All Age)

* Shantalia and Corali’hulu (18+)

* Shirina

* Vengeance ~ In my family’s name (18+)

* VKT Prime System Crash

Get 4 Alice Magical Autistic Girls

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