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"My name is Alex. I'm 8 years old. I am also a blonde kid with green eyes. I live in Xodias City and I go to the school of Xorie. We are in February 2018. Right now, I'm in the yard because it's the morning break. I'm watching Eloi and Bobby climb into the playground when, suddenly, I look at Nana, who stands a little further.


I look at Nana and I see her eyes widen in terror. She screams something, then the pain pierces my body. My vision blurries. I collapse on the ground."

Alex thought he was a kid like many others, but that was before he became a Rift Breaker. Now, he must protect his city by fighting monsters coming out of "Rifts", strange cracks of light, with the help of Lily, Nana and Aimé.


Alan: Rift Breakers is an linear story written with Twine and a remake of A.L.A.N., made with RPG Maker. A.L.A.N.'s  story was also adapted in Twine and is available to read as well.


  • You can toogle fullscreen with the ENTER key.
  • Choice of fonts, text size and background colors in the Settings menu! You can change the language there too.


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Alan Rift Breakers.zip 131 MB

Install instructions

Download and dezip the compressed file with WinRAR or 7Zip

Click on the .exe file to launch the game

Development log