A downloadable book

Here's the bilingual eBook "Alice Lorange ~ Autistic Magical Girl" (EPUB). 

The Steam key give you the "ebook dlc" to 4 Alice Magical Autistic Girls.

This story is what leaded to the creation of 4 Alice Magical Autistic Girls, the visual novel.

"I am Alice Lorange.

I am not a teenager like the Others. 

Yes, I did say Others, with a big O.

In this world, there is the Others and me.

After having a demented nightmare, I am now in a strange house.

In the Heart of the Unknown. 

The Unknown... The Others... being autistic is not easy!"



Also, if you post about it on social media, please use the #AliceLorangeAutisticMagicalGirl hashtag. Thanks. 

Install instructions

Download and dezip the compressed file with WinRAR or 7Zip

 Click on the epub file to open the book


4 Alice Magical Autistic Girls Ebook.zip 564 kB

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