A downloadable game for Windows

An short and linear NSFW story, in 2 parts, made with RPG Maker MV.

A lazy university student, Elian, and a studious one, Elisa, found a strange device in the basement of their town library. 

Said device give them access to ''ChatAid - For those who need help, no matter which world they come from!''.

Content Warnings

Has the following erotic content in text form (so no images):

* "Twisted porn fantasy" scene (humanoid wolf on female).

* Rape scene (male on female). 

* Consensual sex scene (male on female). 

Also some murders happen. 

If you post about it on social media, please use the #ElianElisaChatAid hashtag. Thanks.

Install instructions

Download the game. Unzip the folder then click on game.exe to start the game.


Elian Elisa ChatAid.zip 104 MB

Development log