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Les Quatre Alices

RPG Maker visual novel with an autistic teen, Alice Lorange. · By Mia Blais-Côté


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Now everything is free.
All the games and others things are now free to coincide with all the "fanfictions" version completed on Archive of our Own. + sales were really low so there wa...
Paid game once more.
Changing the game to FtP did bring a boost to my visibility and ddl stats, but then fall down to almost 0 once again, thus I ended the free sale today. I'm sure...
Changed to pay what you want
Since I've only got 1 sales, and I rather have ppl plays and download it, Les Quatre Alices is now PWYW...
Early Winter Sales!
All my indie games are on sale. Bundles are also available. Happy holidays...
Les Quatre Alices had arrived!
My very first indie game is out on Since I wasn't able to find a decryptor for my projects, the game is left as-is...
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I had once a customer who did not receive their key. If this happens to you, send me a email via support and I'll send a...
started by Mia Blais-Côté Jan 18, 2022
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