A downloadable game for Windows

A  collection of four stories in various genres made with RPG Maker MV.

First Story: Lorange and the Domain

For Autism Awareness.

Alice is not a teen like any others. During one autumn night, after she had talked with another teenager in the forest, a strange light bring her to a mysterious house where she’ll live quite the adventure. Another version of Alice's tale.

Second Story: The Four Alice

For Autism Awareness.

Another take on Alice's journey in the mysterious house. A improved version of Les Quatre Alices with QoL changes.

Third Story: I'm a Barrier

In Xodias City, Alex Barrier learns a great secret from his older brother before his death. Now Alex must choose what he wants to do. Fight as a "Rift Breaker" or...?  Another version of Alex's tale.

Fourth Story: Miller’s Blood

During a zombie apocalypse on the planet Medocorillia, survivors are trying to survive. Among them are Codiriaz "Riaz", who won’t live for very long, and Jack, who needs special blood. A brand new story in the world of Entre-Deux.

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Our Journeys A Collection of Visual Novels.zip 505 MB

Install instructions

Dezip the file. You will get subfolders with each games. Open the one you want and click on the .exe.

Development log