A downloadable game for Windows

A collection of 3 stories in various genres made with RPG Maker MV. They are improuved version of the Visual Novels previously released in 2017-18. One got multiple endings, the others are kinetic.

First Story: Witch Shirina

Kinetic novel with 1 lite rpg battle.

When two girls summon a wicked witch, they got to stop her or the sun will never rise again!

Second Story: Denis vs Dark Fairies

Multiple endings with lite rpg battles.

When Denis accidently free the Cursed Queen and her Dark Fairies, he must fight and stop them. 

Third Story: A.L.A.N. (Alex, Lily, Aimé, Nana)

Kinetic novel with lite rpg battles.

"A.L.A.N." is a group of four kids who must protect their town against all kind of monsters.

Also, if you post about it on social media, please use the #OurJourneys3 hashtag. Thanks.


Our Journeys 3 A Collection of Visual Novels.zip 339 MB

Install instructions

Dezip the file. You will get subfolders with each games. Open the one you want and click on the .exe.

Development log